Sep 11, 2012

Psychics: are you looking for an alternative to Ebay?

Today the Wall Street Journal announced that Ebay will no longer allow seers, psychics, black magic, magicians, potion creators, or any other magical spells to be sold through their website. Many of the talented people that sell these services will need to look for an alternative. If you are one of these professionals, consider selling through Our website allows you to list you to list your service, create a profile, and sell whatever spells or services you would like. This can be a local psychic reading or something across the world. Our model is simple – if you sell a gift certificate that you create using our proprietary online tools we take a 10% commission after the sale and send the rest (90%) to you via Paypal. Our traffic is not as immense as Ebay’s but this alternative is quick and easy and we do have sales. If there are enough psychics, magicians, and seers signing up for our service then we could be the new niche site for your services. Sign up today by visiting Its fast, free, and intuitive.

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